Denis Schmitz | Designer + Developer

Lightness. Openness. Courageousness.

Attributes connected with a feather...and driver for outstanding technical solutions.

Being attracted by field of mobilty since my childhood, I trained and worked as car mechanic for almost three years after school and before starting my studies in automotive engineering.

Repairing, touching and seeing components...understanding and/or questioning their design...This is something which has inspired me till today and in combination with my development skills - gained thanks to university, internships and three seasons of Formula Student - enables me to create structural components in a goal-oriented way.

Though being passionate about vehicles, I am reflecting how we as human beings are supposed to be moved in future...

It is on us, to make sure technologies we apply take care of ecological as well as on social aspects by the way they are sourced. Furthermore, the design we realize goes along with need of material quantity, consumed energy during process and operation, repair concept and end-of-life disassembly / recycability.

Feeling responsibility for our earth and us terrestrials, my intention is to work on mobilty solutions respecting environment and at same time generating a unique experience for drivers and passengers as well as riders.

I am convinced we can get there, but for sure we are challenged to think out of the box.

Engineering must be based on facts, but needs inspiration at the same time. Common sense and analytical layout should be essential development tools and basis for following-up computer-based engineering.

From passenger and commercial vehicles to bicycles...Tomorrow`s mobility targeting enhanced sustainability needs to be explored - and I am motivated being part of that journey.